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The Cabot 36: Classic Blue Water Sailor

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Refitting Hope Light

I am refitting Hope Light for the umpteenth time so we can get back to the Bahamas as soon as this fall or following year latest.
We have added and changed equipment and gear regularly in the 28 years we have owned her, but have needed to do very little in the way of infrastructure change, just maintenance. I suppose this speaks well of the integrity of the Cabots in general.
Among the myriad of things we are doing are, adding solar and wind power generation and we need to somehow design and have built a bimini to supplement the dodger for the cockpit that can be used to help keep off the sun even when under way (not an easy task given the long boom and aft traveller. I do have an uninstalled rigid boom vang/boom support that could eliminate the aft topping lift). In the past we have had a sunawning that gets set up when at anchorage that covered much of the cabin and all of the cockpit. Also we need to design a flange or something to prevent water from entering the anchor locker so easily. Better late than never. I am a leakproofing binge so any suggestions there would be appreciated. I am already covered in polysulfide.
In the past we have had Surrette battery banks and have been very happy. As I replace them I am tempted to go with AGM batteries instead of flooded ones but don't think I will be attentive enough to keep them happy, such as regular full heavy duty charges. On the other hand when back in the Bahamas I predict dribs and drabs of charging from solar and wind.
Any suggestions will be most appreciated.