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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Refitting Hope Light

I am refitting Hope Light for the umpteenth time so we can get back to the Bahamas as soon as this fall or following year latest.
We have added and changed equipment and gear regularly in the 28 years we have owned her, but have needed to do very little in the way of infrastructure change, just maintenance. I suppose this speaks well of the integrity of the Cabots in general.
Among the myriad of things we are doing are, adding solar and wind power generation and we need to somehow design and have built a bimini to supplement the dodger for the cockpit that can be used to help keep off the sun even when under way (not an easy task given the long boom and aft traveller. I do have an uninstalled rigid boom vang/boom support that could eliminate the aft topping lift). In the past we have had a sunawning that gets set up when at anchorage that covered much of the cabin and all of the cockpit. Also we need to design a flange or something to prevent water from entering the anchor locker so easily. Better late than never. I am a leakproofing binge so any suggestions there would be appreciated. I am already covered in polysulfide.
In the past we have had Surrette battery banks and have been very happy. As I replace them I am tempted to go with AGM batteries instead of flooded ones but don't think I will be attentive enough to keep them happy, such as regular full heavy duty charges. On the other hand when back in the Bahamas I predict dribs and drabs of charging from solar and wind.
Any suggestions will be most appreciated.


Blogger scribbler said...


Thanks for your post. Sounds like we could use a "cruising" section for exchanges about how to get max comfort out of the Cabot.

I wonder if people would contribute short items to a document called Cruising Comforts for Cabots.

If you would be willing to be the collector of such "bits" I would work with you to create a web document.


9:08 AM  
Blogger Hope Light said...

Is it possible to easily set up the blog so that a "cruising" section would be almost self managing, with people making comments and asking for ideas and info? Maybe its already there. At this point the posts and comments seem to be few and far between, if rather significant when they occur. Is there an option that automatically messages members when a post is made? It has become so easy in the past few years to take and post digital pics etc. that its hard to believe the Cabots were built long before anyone had heard of Bill Gates or the Internet. OK maybe a few had. Bottom line is that its a resource that I haven't taken advantage of enough.
I see that all comments must be a approved by the blog author. Is this necessary for you to have to take the time to do this?
I'm guessing that Cabot owners in general are a pretty responsible crew. Is this approval something that is a norm for blogs?
I really appreciate what you are doing and would like to encourage others to participate more and spread the good word about Cabots as well as passing along good and new ideas.
Hope Light #27

12:45 PM  
Blogger scribbler said...


Your post comes to my email. But to reply, I have to open the blog, or do an email to you (which would break the thread of conversation apparently started on the blog).

Look at the dashboard and I think you 'll find in settings that you can also have any posts come to your personal email (the one you've used for blogger).

As for approvals, I think there has to be one blog administrator (me, at the moment), but I'll check that. Keep in mind that no one had to approve your posts. Once you are listed as an "author" you just post.

I can send "invitations" to everyone we have listed to become an "author" but on their end, they would have to respond by going to blogger and completing the set up.

If you are interested in the blogging function, explore what Blogger allows us to do and I'd be happy to help make changes in the blog to accommodate improvements.


6:48 AM  

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