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Friday, January 01, 2010

Seasons Greetings and a cockpit safety harness question

Hi folks. Happy New Year from Old Sam (hull 42)! We know lots of you are lucky enough to be sailing somewhere warm and interesting as we write. We, in Nova Scotia, however are sitting by a fire, watching the snow fall, looking lovingly at pictures of our boat and counting the months (FIVE!) until we're back on the water.

Many thanks to those who helped us out with our cockpit drain and (?) race handicap questions. The drain is now installed and we have peace of mind!

Our new question is about rings for safety harnesses in the cockpit. We do have jacklines running from the front of the cockpit forward but nowhere to secure a lifeline inside the cockpit. Keegunoo has a ring on the aft end of the each cockpit locker (in the T) They like it Ok but it seems like it might be a leg catcher. Also, we wonder if there is a place closer to the companionway that doesn't get in the way of day to day activities-the only place we can think of is right underneath the companionway opening. Our email is scroan@staff.ednet.ns.ca Thanks lots for your help.

Susan and Don


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