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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Holding Tank Installation Questions

I'm finally facing up to the inadequacies of my late-1980s holding tank installation; would appreciate advice out there from those who may have been brave enough to go down this road before.

My leading scenario is to put a tank with ~80 gallons capacity (48" long) under the port berth in the dining area, having someone manufacture a custom tank to fit the contours of the space. I would then create a large access port in the side of the locker, replacing the current fiberglass with marine teak.

Among my questions:

Is this the best location?
How have others arranged for access to the space (alternatively, I could cut into the horizontal surface beneath the bunk, but this appears to be potentially more of a structural issue)
Is it worth the added complexity and expense of a custom tank to accommodate the angles created by the hull shape, or should I just go with something that is rectangular?
I would appreciate any advice that may be out there....