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The Cabot 36: Classic Blue Water Sailor

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Questions from Old Sam

Hull #42, formerly Old Sam Peabody was officially renamed Old Sam on June 5, 09 with all the appropriate (we hope) invocations, lots of champagne and celebration. We're pretty sure the boat wanted to keep its name- we came up with lots of other ideas for a year and a half but none of them "worked". David and Susan Chase, the previous owners kept Old Sam Peabody for their new trawler but they agreed the boat would be happiest with part of it's old name. And for those of you familiar with Maritime liquor, you will certainly recognize this name as a pretty good rum! We've had 2 amazing summers learning just how great this boat is-making some small changes to things so they work better for us but basically loving the sail plan, living space and performance under every kind of condition we encountered. Thanks SO much to Archelon and Keegunoo for all their advice, help and support!

We have 2 questions that we think have to be answered by you Cabot owners: If you could email us directly at scroan@staff.ednet.ns.ca it would be better-we are pretty new at the blog thing!

1) For winter storage (the boat was always stored inside until it arrived in NS), does everyone have bilge drains? We had big problems last winter with water
(freezing) in the bilge but because the bottom of the bilge is so deep, we worry about how we would reach the drain if it failed while in the water. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated since it IS getting colder every day!

2) This is so ridiculous we're embarassed to ask but .....we all know Cabots are built for comfort, not speed but we do participate in a neighborhood race every Labour Day. The organizers have no idea how to handicap us so if anybody has any idea of what our class handicap would be,we'd love to know since (like every racer on the planet) we think we are very unfairly handicapped right now! And if any of you are near the waters of Mahone Bay next year, you'd be most welcome to join the fun.