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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Greetings from Hull #50 D.W. Crow

I'd finally like to say hello to the blog from hull # 50 D.W. Crow, ex. Micola. I've been refitting the boat for the past five years and my wife Martha and I, and Barnacle the cat, have finally begun cruising. I've sent some materials to the blog earlier, such as a materials list and the original specs. for hull # 50. A lot of the work I did on the boat was with advice from the Ontario Boater's Cooperative in Oakville.
I apologize for not being a bit more active on the blog but I've had some technical issues that I just go sorted out. I've attached a photo of the boat shortly after launch because it's the best one I have that shows the hard dodger I had installed. It seems to generate a lot of interest as we travel, and I've attached one with the canvas enclosure attached that shows how we look now that we're on the move.
As an aside, the Cabot gets tons of compliments everywhere we go. People appreciate the lines and seem to identify her immediately as a serious cruising boat.
All the best from here.

Bob Ciupa


Blogger scribbler said...

Bob. Thanks for the great pics and your post to the blog. You are the first, as far as I can recall, to take up the challenge of becoming a co-author here. Much appreciated by all the owners, I'm sure.
When you post, you could hot link your title so that folks could also make a trip to your website, which is also impressive.
I remember seeing the boat's new dodger and being much impressed.

12:29 PM  

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