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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rudder Issue: Cheshire Cat

Hi Ken,
We were trying to leave Fiji for Vanuatu last week when I noticed that the rudder position indicator on our new "Coursemaster" autopilot was off so I emptied the locker to look at it and found that I had water coming in through the seal on the rudder stock and there was a slight movement at the top of the stock. We returned to Fiji to check it out. Do you or anyone else have any ideas on how the seal is made and can it be replaced in the water with taking off the quadrant. In fact I assume that the whole rudder is only supported by the skeg and there is no other means off attachment above the water line. The rudder itself seems solid with very little movement in it.

Response from Blue Magic (#33)

On Hull 33 it’s a simple stuffing box type with shaft packing. You should be able to pull it apart in the water no problem. The only problem may be how much clearance you have on the top of the shaft to the deck, but you could always cut a hole and replace with a high quality hatch/deck plate. Good Luck
Banff Luther
Luther Marine Maintenance
Blue Magic #33

...and from David Ladell

Here are some digital camera shots of the drawing done by Ted Brewer. Not great but you may be able to make them out. It appears to be the same as what was done on Hull #27.
David Ladell

...and from George Kephart (original owner of Sarah Fraser)

I had this problem on Sarah Frazer. We solved it be having and extension welded on to the rudder shaft up to a bearing ring in the sole of the cockpit. The bearing ring was at the very aft end of the cockpit under the .seat andn ever caused any problems thereafter.
George Kephart


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