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Friday, May 16, 2008

Cheshire Cat Leaving New Zealand

Just a few more days to go before we leave New Zealand - we are working hard to get everything ready and, as they say, shipshape.

Of course there will be a number of things still to do as we seem only to work under the pressure of a deadline. But many of those tasks will have to wait until we hit the balmy weather of the next tropical island! Sounds good doesn't it? Yes - we think so as well - it's getting far too cold here in the beautiful 'land of the long white cloud'.

It seems we have missed the current exodus - Cheshire Cat is one of the very few remaining foreign boats - everyone else having taken full advantage of a week of glorious 'weather window'. But - with the added advantages of new autohelm, engine and canvas over the cockpit we will be in good shape.

We have made all sorts of upgrades such as radar (it actually works!) AIS (so that we can identify the big ships near us) lots of paint, new upholstery, sinks, cooker, head, dinghy - an extensive (and expensive) list of goodies. New Zealand chandleries will be sorry to see us leave! But our bank balance will be relieved.

So it will be with a certain amount of regret that we leave our friends here - landlubbers that they are now (mostly) and sally out again into the great unknown - to new adventures and new places. Hopefully we will hear from all of you - we'd like to know what's what wherever you are. Maybe even catch up with some of you as we explore Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Australia next season.

Meanwhile - travel safely - enjoy - and please do write!


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