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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sea Eagle (Hul 55)

Hi Ken. I have some information for you. First off hull numbers. Off the transom # ZBD3605578. Also on the transom are the raised letters "HONCHILLA". From years of buffing around the plastic letters the raised areas are left immortalized on the stern.

I have the original registration in Canada by Dr. Hooper. It's to an apartment address in Ontario, Canada. All other paperwork is addressed to Washington DC, USA. Canadian registration has Dr.Hooper as Agriculture minister to Ontario. He may have been a Ph.D. and not a medical doctor. Maybe?

The boat was sold to a US Navy commander by the name of Frank T. Gieseman in 1995 or 1996. He was a commander of a US vessel in the first US gulf war . The radio call sign of his ship was, "SEA EAGLE". A sea eagle is a fishing eagle in the North Sea. I thought it was a cool name, so I kept it. The T in Frank’s name is short for Ty. Ty retired, bought the boat, and traveled some; then married a retired navy captain named Susanne. This year they published a book called Your Boat Too about women being confident on a sailboat. Check it out.

I bought the boat in April 1998. It's documented in US. My address is 2974 Riverside, Somerset, MA, 02726, Phone 508 965 3378, or email wm_parrott@ yahoo.com.

The boat lived in the same marina in the Chesapeake until I purchased her. Actually at the same slip until 1998. She was yard maintained until 1998. Yard maintained to many people means the best of care. I know it to mean the minimum of care at a high price. The boat was in fantastic condition but had few upgrades.

The boat has the original gelcoat. Still buffs up nice. I have rebuilt the Perkins 4-108, the velvet drive transmission, new shaft, and three blade prop. Rebuilt rudder with all new stainless internals. Electric windless horizontal and all chain with capstan. New sails, new dodger, bimini, wind generator, and radar, Cozy cabin heater, barrier coat, and much more.

I have pictures of the boat under sail from a helicopter, and some at anchor that I will send later. It's great to have an owners group that is active.



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