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The Cabot 36: Classic Blue Water Sailor

A site to celebrate this great Canadian passage maker.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hello from the proud new owners......

...of hull # 42 (formerly Old Sam Peabody-haven't settled on a new name yet) and we are so excited about being lucky enough to get one of these beautiful boats. We bought it from the David and Susan Chase in Dec. 07 -many thanks to them for their generosity, help. and the excellent care they took of her. This spring we plan to have her shipped from Michigan to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia (yeah, she's getting pretty close to home!- and will be in the same boatyard as #43 Keegunoo) We will be sailing around the Maritimes for the next 2 summers and then plan to head SOUTH in 2010. This purchase changes our long, intense love affair w/wooden boats-we're currently sailing a 1936 Alden Malabar Jr. but we recognized we needed to make a change for our long distance sailing plans (she's a beauty though- and for sale, so if you know anyone interested, pass the info along.) The Cabot was the ONLY fiberglass boat that came close to being well built and beautiful enough! We'd love to hear from any other owners, especially if they get to (or plan to get to) our part of the world. Our email is scroan@staff.ednet.ns.ca


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