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The Cabot 36: Classic Blue Water Sailor

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Interior Modifications

I have made a few modifications to the interior of Meltemi that others might wish to see. Varnishing the interior is a pain but the effect is to make the interior much brighter. I put some cheap pine paneling along the aft end of the cabin (the fibreglass liner had a rough finish and was stained from something) and increased storage space in the galley by removing the partition behind the stovetop. This also removed more dark wood and made things brighter.

I have begun to remove that awful dark brown fake wood formica from various countertops and moved the electrical panel from the engine compartment (I know, it is now under a deck!).

I find the table in the main cabin pretty useless. Is this the standard Cabot table arrangement? If you have found something that is more solid and useable (must be able to convert to a berth) I would really like to see it. I believe that at least one Cabot has a telescoping pedestal that supports the table and permits it being raised and lowered between table and berth making heights.




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