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The Cabot 36: Classic Blue Water Sailor

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Archelon (Hull 44)

We are Shelley Bruce and James Blinn. We purchased our Cabot 36
(christened 'White Knuckles II') in 2002 from 2nd owners Paul and Nancy Hill. Her name had been changed to 'Archelon' before we purchased her. She is located in Stephens Cove near Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. We have made many upgrades and have just returned from Bermuda (our first ocean passage). We have a year off on 2007 and plan to sail for the entire year...our route is in the planning stages right now. She loves to take us sailing!

Any questions...we'd be glad to help.


Blogger happyclam37 said...

Re : hull # 44. Cabot 36. purchased new by John & Wilma Clark of Fredericton. NB. Clarks sold boat to Roger Newman of Halifax , in June of 1995. Newman renamed vessel " Silver Threads". Made many improvements during ownership. Sold vessel to Paul & Nancy Hill in Oct. of 1997. Would like to contact new owners, Bruce - Blinn. E mail shortsplice1@yahoo.ca

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