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The Cabot 36: Classic Blue Water Sailor

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Roy Mac Keen on Boat Hull Numbers

One of the first requirements for Cabotcraft Industries was to purchase the ‘reverse image dymo labler’ necessary to affix a permanent ‘carving mark’ in the hulls of the Cabot. As the majority of our market was export, it was absolutely mandatory to have this mark. BOLD VENTURE #14 has one so it would be illogical for #15 not to have one. It may be that some owners illegally filled in the number for cosmetic reasons.

The oval brass plaques were not introduced until mid production and were affixed to the aft cockpit just below the main sheet traveller where it could best be seen at a Boat Show. No other competition had them at the time. This little plaque would not have qualified as an identification marker as a carving mark for boats of all nations must be permanent.

More to come on this shortly. Roy and I are working on a piece that brings together information from various emails and attempts to increase the accuracy and scope of this information for all owners. (KD)


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