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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Hi, this is Mike Wybo of Meltemi, Hull 48. I am considering the installation of an anchor windlass and would like the advice and experience of those who have already done this. I am leaning toward an electric windlass and would appreciate any photos of how you have installed yours.

Hi Mike,
Try to get hold of Thomas Groenveld, the fellow who bought Morning Light from us. We installed a heavy duty Horizon horizontal windlass. We had a double bow roller and divided the locker with marine ply, fiberglass, and epoxy so that the 150 feet (?) of chain could run into the bildge (to keep weight below waterline and a bit further aft), and so that the second chain and rode set would be readily accessible and not get tangled. For the year we lived aboard after installing the thing, we wondered why we hadn't done it sooner. It was a big project but well worth the time. I would be inerested to hear from Thomas as to how he thinks it works and if the installation is still intact. He might be able to take some pics as well. If no pics, I might be able to draw from memory. The windlass sat on deck just aft and a bit starboard of center behind the chain locker. It fed the chain through a hole in the deck that intruded into the ceiling of the V-berth by 6-10 inches and was fiberglassed off to create a tunnel back into the chain locker... eventually feeding into the bildge below the chain locker (and the theoretical extra water tank below the V-berth. Let me know if this helps. It was a great addition to the boat.
Mark Hunter


From Cheshire Cat 24, originally from Bronte in Ontario, now in Tonga.

We have a lofrans windlass, horizontal mount as a vertical wouldn't fit. we have 200 ft chain with 150 ft rode and 50 ft chain with 100 ft rode. It all fits in the locker, but we have to hand feed it into place when we pull the anchor up

Hey Mike,
I installed a Lofrans Kobra this yearelectric 1500watts. Believe me it has changed my life. I have 175 feet of 3/8 BBB chain on the main and 25 feet with 200 feet of rope as secondary. There is a divider down the middle that allows this. I do have to hand feed the chain in as its tight to fit that much in there so placement by hand is required.(basically laying the chain as it comes in. Someone years back modifyed the locker and cut the opening door in half-installing a manual windlass on the aft half of the locker door. Underneath they installed a 1/4 inch stainless steel L bracket bolted to the forward bulkhead (v berth forward wall.) When I painted the decks I made the half door,(didnt open) part of the boat by laying down fiberglass cloth and filler to make it look like part of the deck. Now there is just a small door that pops out of position to access the locker. I had to cut through this steel bracket with a metal cutting disc to allow for the motor which goes into the deck. Installed was 2/0 ga tinned wire run from the battery bank (under setee) to the control box which i mounted in the forward cabinets above the v berth. Look at the first album in this link. You will probably enjoy the rest as well.

Banff Luther
Blue Magic #33
Charleston, SC

Hey Mike,
James Blinn, Archelon, Hull 44. I installed a manual horizontal Sea Tiger. I had to remove the anchor hatch cover, fashion a sturdy welded aluminum structure that was bolted in a number of ways to the the deck and anchor locker. Basically I can open 1/2 of the locker and the other half has the windlass on it and is fixed in place. I works really well and have had some nasty pulls on it without any problems at all. I have a single picture that may give you some help. This is taken standing on port looking toward stbd bow. I can take more if you are interested. I use 120' of
5/16 BBB with 300' of 1/2 Samson gold. No problems. I thought the 5/16 would be a bit light, but it fits in the locker well and has answered well in every case. Hope this helps.



On Hope Light, our Cabot Hull #27, we installed a 3" diameter SS tube anchor/bow sprit. It is thru bolted to the hull a few inches below the toe rail and supported at its fore end, from below by a ss bracket that is bolted thru the stem. The sprit extends forward maybe 24 or 30 " from the stem at deck height and goes aft along the hull about 36" on each side. I'll take some pics and send them to you. On the bow sprit there are two large stainless steel rollers facing forward. (it would be better if these were each angled slightly outboard to facilitate more space for pulling up large anchors.)

I had it made and installed it before we spent a year in the Bahamas in the 80s. Then we had a 44 lb. Bruce, a 35 lb and 25 lb. CQR, A piece of 5/8 twist nylon with 30 ft of chain on it. We also had and still have a 600' piece of 5/8 nylon twist stowed down below in case we needed it. We never have.

Since then I have installed an electric Simpson and Lawrence Anchorman vertical windlass with chain gypsy and drum for rope. It has done a great job in all respects.
It, and an electrical foot switch are mounted on a large rectangular, running fore and aft, 2" thick teak pad. It is placed on the deck starboard side aft of the chain locker. I now have 250' of 5/16" high tensile chain which is always attached to the 44 Bruce. The chain runs unobstructed from the chain gypsy to the ss bow roller an d to the hawse pipe which is mounted thru the centre of the chain locker lid. I usually only store chain in there with maybe some shorter nylon rodes so there is room for the weight of the chain to fall in and pull it down as the chain stripper takes it off the gypsy. I keep my eye on it and give it a help when needed but it works on its own surprisingly well. As well it feeds out of the hawse pipe quite well but I make sure there is no strain put on the rather flimsy anchor locker lid. Gravity still takes my anchors to the bottom so I only power up, not down. I can still raise and lower the anchor locker lid as its easy to get some slack in the chain and get it out of the way, although I seldom find I need to access it

On the bow now in addition to the 44 Bruce is a SL 33lb fixed Delta anchor instead of the CQR. I still keep the 25 lb CQR below in case I need it. I like the fixed aspect of these anchors as opposed to hinged like CQR ploughs as they dig in much faster. Especially important in the Bahamas.

The rather large electric motor of the winch is attached below the windlass and is easily installed as it is aft the anchor locker so its thru the stbrd side of the fore berth, foreward of the open lockers that are already there. I cut a large hole in that stbrd bulkhead and put a teak door on it so it closes it in and it looks great. I put a large dedicated Surrette deep cycle battery in the bottom of the foreberth hanging locker and attached it to the windlass and alternator charging area aft with an extremely thick copper cable that I bought at a welding supply place along with fittings etc.

Ill take some pictures when I can and get them to you. Dont even think about anything but electric. I for one am not getting younger. I went thru a long analysis and the pros and cons of vertical vs horizontal. I know I did the best thing as it works so well. I have a pump which I havent installed to wash down the chain and deck but as I refit Hope Light in the next while I will install it.





Blogger Meltemi said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I am leaning now toward the Lofrans Kobra hroizontal windlass for a few reasons. It is what Yachtsmith is puttingon the new Cabot so I assume the sizing is correct, Banff installed it seems to like it and his photos make the installation look like minimal surgery is required.

I will let you know what I decide to do and will post pictures.

Thanks again,


9:21 PM  

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