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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Windrose (Hull 36)

We think this is Windrose being commissioned in its sale to Dr. Basil Coady, but we don't have postive ID. Any chance anyone recognizes the boat?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture of the boat you believe to be "Windrose" is indeed the boat commissioned for Dr. Coady in April 77.
Dr. Coady passed away in June of 79 and since then the boat has been owned and sailed by brothers Basil and Peter Coady.
She is presently moored in Ship Harbour, N.S. and is hauled at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron where the picture was taken.

Basil Coady (Jr. at 66 yrs.)

5:22 PM  
Blogger scribbler said...

Thanks so much for being in touch. I wonder if there are more recent pictures of Windrose that we should post. Also would appreciate confirmation of her hull number (upper right corner of transom). And, of course, any stories about her sailing, or refits.

8:25 PM  

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