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The Cabot 36: Classic Blue Water Sailor

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Kara 1 (Hull 41)

Perhaps I can clear-up a little of the mystery about Hull #41.

My boat ( Kara I ) is Hull # ZBD36041477. (The serial number I have given for Kara I ( as shown on the hull )> is confimed on the Builder's Certificate issued by Cabotcraft Industries, a notarized copy of which I also posess.) I bought it in 1999 from Peter and Janet Bunge. Peter and Janet had owned the boat since September 1994 when they bought it from Douwe Simon deLang. Mr. deLang had purchased it from Frederick Amos Creswick Lister MD sometime prior to September 1994 when he sold it. The Certificate of Registry was only up-dated prior to the sale.

Dr. Lister obtained the original Certificate of Registry on the 12th of August 1986. On the Certificate it states that there is no prior registry on record and that this is the "First Registry".

Kara I's picture is featured in Canadian Yachting ( November 1989 ) on page 29. She is pictured, tied to a dock in George Town. I assume this was part of Dr. Lister's trip to the Bahamas. Dr. Lister told me that Kara I was re-named (originally "Tara") by him.

At one time in 2002 I queried the Vessel Registration System at Transport Canada and came up with 64 ships built by Cabotcraft Industries. Knowing the characteristics of the Cabot-36 I thought that I could identify them in this lot of 64. Sorry, I could not, but I suggest it to you. It's a pity that the Vessel Registration System does not incorporate the hull numbers in their system.

While in Beaufort NC a couple of years ago, I met Mark Hunter ( and bought a main sail from him, but more on this later ). He told me essentialy what you have in your document. I had been in touch with the couple ( Groeneveld ) by e-mail but eventually they fell out-of-touch.

I attach an old picture of Kara I, as well as a couple of pictures of a Cabot having a stainless-steel rudder fitted. I believe that it is Morning Light but forgot to ask Mark. I can't make out the name of the boat on the picture of the stern that I have.

I bought a spare main from Mark Hunter and found out that it was 15" too long on the foot, and a couple of feet short on the hoist for Kara I. My foot is 14 feet 2 inches and the spare I bought is about 15 feet five inches. If you know anyone who might want it, make me an offer. I offered it to Mike McGrath ( Cabot's Matthew ) but he had just purchased a new one. I also offered it to Bill and Marsha Somerville ( Idalia ) but never heard back from them.

A short sail story - I took my main for repair to Joe Fernandez (?) at Triton Sails in the Oakville area. When I asked him if he knew Cabot he told me that he had fitted the first 25 boats with their sails, but didn't want the job for the balance. He said that those people in Nova Scotia took too many coffee breaks to make any money. I guess he was right! God bless him, Joe is no longer with us, and sadly missed by sailors in that area. His son is carrying on the business and still has many original documents, pamphlets on the Cabots.

Fair winds, David Lomas


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